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The Different Tiles That You Can Use for Bathroom Tile Remodeling

What Kinds of Tiles Can You Use for Your Bathroom?

When it comes to bathroom tile remodeling, you can use pretty much any kind of tile, except for very soft and thin ones like porcelain. There are just so many kinds of tiles that you can and should use for your remodeling. In fact, there are different kinds of tiles that can be used for showers, bathtubs, floors, walls, and even backsplashes. You can also use tiles as a decorative piece, like putting a tile wall art above your toilet. For now, here are the different kinds of tiles you can use for your bathroom:

Porcelain Tiles

These are the softest and thinnest types of tiles and should only be used for decorative purposes. The likes of your interior and exterior walls, floors, and pretty much anywhere else you want them to be. They are beautiful and look amazing in just about any room.

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are made of clay, unlike the porcelain kind, and come in all sorts of designs and colors. They can be as fragile as porcelain though and are best left out of bathrooms because of their fragile nature.

Limestone Tiles

These are quite a cheap and easy way to go. You’ll need a lot of them though. They are very durable and great for showers and floors. However, are very prone to water damage. They are also very porous so, you will have to flawlessly install them or else you will have to replace them as quickly as possible.

Quartz Tiles

These are pretty new to the market and are expensive, however, they are very interesting. They are made of glass and come in all sorts of colors. They are said to be the future of tiles and are already starting to get expensive, so it’s best to invest in them.

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