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Bathroom Tiling Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid These Bathroom Tiling Mistakes

If you are focused on updating your bathroom with touches that include new tiles, and you are a do-it-yourselfer, you are probably already aware that bathroom tiling isn’t a particularly challenging project. That being said, it can be extremely nuanced. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid:

Failing to Prepare the Wall

Planning is critical for any home improvement project. If you are not properly preparing to do the job correctly, then why do it at all? Most homeowners forget to prepare the walls before they apply tiles, which typically results in leveling issues and the adhesive and tiles not adhering to the wall. You should use a gentle cleaner to remove the likes of dirt, grease, and dust to ensure you have a clean surface to work with.

Haphazardly Applying Caulking

It is easy to try and speed through the tiling process, after all, it is somewhat time-consuming, and you may have other projects that you need to do. However, a common tile installation mistake is messy caulking. Once your grout has dried out and everything looks as it should, the last step is to caulk the corners and above sinks, bathtubs, or shower floors. You must provide a tight seal that staves off mold growth. Before you begin caulking, clean the area to remove any old caulk when applicable. Apply the caulk, wet your finger, and smooth it out starting from the corner.

Skipping a Backer Board

Every step in the tiling process is important, and skipping them will compromise the quality and longevity of the tiles. A common mistake you should avoid when tiling yourself is to use a backer board, especially in areas that have a lot of moisture. A backer board will ensure everything remains sturdy and prevent water from seeping into cracks, penetrating and weakening drywall, or resulting in mold growth.

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